Abfüllung, Etikettierung, Verpackung
      Bottling, labeling, packaging      

Anlagentechnik Bayern GmbH,
What we can do for you!

  • Second hand machines, overhauled, with new change parts
  • We offer a good and inexpensive Service for your existing labeling and filling machines
  • Wear and spare parts for labeling systems and production of parts
  • Optimizing your machines and increase your line efficiency
  • Check your machines and recommend service methods and spare parts
  • Optimizing life time of your change parts due to optimizing the line and reducing pressure on each machine
  • Finding solutions on labeling problems in terms of paper, foil, glue, temperatures and storage of your packed products
  • Assisting you for new label shapes or different vessels
  • Assisting you with negotiations and buying of new machines
  • FAT before machine delivery and SAT on new machines
  • Optimizing bottle conveying between the machines on your filling line
  • Assisting you on problems from vendors delivered parts, especially label, paper and labeling glue
  • Assisting you to configure different interfaces between the machines in your filling line and coordinate technicians from the machine producers if problems where found.

The correct and right labeling in all different varieties needs a lot of know-how and experience. Labeling materials, surface tension, machine types, storing of labels in proper surroundings with perfect humidity, storing of labeled product, line capacities, filling temperatures are important points which all do have influence on a good labeling result or also problems. There are a lot of different parameters to achieve a proper appearance on your labeled product such as surface texture, bottle shapes, surrounding etc.

The production and delivery of labels, printing processes, storage, coatings and different glue types used in different combinations are very important parameters as well. Embossing on the label paper, fiber braking before or after printing which depends on the printing process need to match each other and need to be properly combined. Especially on difficult labeling combinations like on aluminum-coated labels all of those parameters need to fit each other to avoid air bubbles, wrinkles, cuts etc.. On hot-melt wrap-around labels it is important to have a proper coating, ionization, correct label thickness and correct storage without to much air circulation to prevent static load on the labels and ensure easy processing on the labeling machines.

It is of course also important to have the labeling machines in good conditions with perfect adjustments for proper operating. Only if everything is properly adjusted the outcome will have a good optical look and machines and line can be operated on a proper efficiency.

There are also a lot of electronic parameters to take care for. Only if all the machines in the filling line can be operated in a good and steady operating capacity the line can work on a good efficiency and get a proper work done.

Almost our full working life we have been working on those parameters and have constantly expanded our experience. First as fitters and later in technical sales, service and operation management with a well-known manufacturer of labeling machines in Germany, we have been able to gain a huge knowledge of all labeling systems as well as used materials of most global manufacturers.

You need support on your existing labeling, want to bring new products to the market, upgrade existing equipment or need service on your system? It will be our pleasure to support you on all of these points. We can also help on purchasing new machines, assist you on negotiations with machine manufacturers to make sure you get exactly the system which fits precisely to your requirements.

With ATB you will have an experienced partner who can assist you with lots of know-how and can significantly increase the efficiency of your line as well as the performance of the machines.

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